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Sushi Takes Off At OR Tambo

01 November 2011

Ocean Basket Opens High-Speed Sushi Bar

Ocean Basket, the group that gave the nation its favourite seafood restaurants, have launched a fresh seafood and sushi bar in OR Tambo International Airport.

‘Ocean Basket put two years into this development,’ says Sybil Matlou, the OR Tambo branch franchisee. ‘We now offer not just the sushi for which Ocean Basket is so popular, but a high-speed sushi bar. Travellers are often hungry and hurried, so this means they can grab and go. The bar delivers portioned sushi meals as well as sushi by the piece.’

The fresh-seafood aspect of the restaurant gives everybody an opportunity to buy the freshest tuna, oysters, cold seafood treats, caviar and fresh salmon. Also on offer are champagnes and whiskies of the best quality - everything that’s needed for a celebratory ‘Honey I’m home!’ meal at the end of a successful overseas trip.

The sushi bar, which has an extremely comprehensive menu and fresh-seafood, operates separately from the OR Tambo Ocean Basket restaurant, and the concept may well be rolled out to other airports, shopping centres and suitable venues.

‘The Ocean Basket fresh seafood and sushi bar is really going to fly high, as the timing for the launch is ideal.  With the current volumes of people flowing through the airport, we have focused on showcasing the best possible sushi and seafood to the world and we are sure that all will enjoy the best Ocean Basket and South Africa have to offer,’ concludes Matlou.

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