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Roll With It The Ocean Basket Way

03 February 2012

Who needs to wait for the perfect wave, when its surf’s up every day at Ocean Basket! 

Ocean Basket came about thanks to brothers Fats and George Lazarides, who, with George Nichas, opened their first seafood restaurant in Pretoria, in 1995. In those days, seafood was a rarity except at the coast, and the three pioneers wanted to make people aware about what they had been missing.

Ocean Basket is famously known for fresh seafood cuisine, with friendly service that’s always ‘afloat’ from the rest.

With more than a 139 stores nationwide, there is no reason not, to be a part of the ocean phenomenon and ‘roll with it’ by trying the oishii (that’s Japanese for tasty) sushi menu.

The sushi menu includes favourites such as, sushi/nigiri, sashimi, maki, hand rolls, fashion sandwiches, rainbow rolls, California rolls, a sashimi platter and a salmon platter which will have you ‘hooked’, and ‘casting your nets’ out for more.

Ocean Basket has now upped the size and choice of their sushi offering on a stand-alone menu. In addition, Sushi lovers can also choose between rice paper and seaweed for their sushi.

Not only is sushi a delight to all senses, but also a healthy, fun treat. Catch a wave to OR Tambo’s sushi bar or any Ocean Basket restaurant near you for a ‘tasteful’ experience.

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