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09 April 2011

Where east meets west lies a floating oasis with rich culture, flavour and now a fourth Ocean Basket restaurant. After the success of three Ocean Basket restaurants in Cyprus, Ocean Basket has decided to go in for the fourth time, serving authentic and unique local dishes, like octopus. With a creative culinary experience served with every meal, it is a ‘shore’ thing that Cypriots will appreciate the flavours that Ocean Basket has to offer.

The first Ocean Basket restaurant was introduced to the Cyprus community in 2009 at the Avanti Holiday Village Piazza in Paphos. After much success, the second restaurant was opened in Limasol, closely followed by a third restaurant in Nicosia.
This year, Ocean Basket celebrates its fourth restaurant opening in Larnaca. The Ocean Basket restaurants compliment the Cyprian dining-style, where great emphasis is placed on a culture rooted in the passion for seafood and family. The Ocean Basket Cyprus menu differs slightly to the South African menu and has a substantial focus on platters, which has proved popular in Cyprus (the complete menu can be accessed from
The Cyprian branches are greatly benefiting from its geographic positioning, appealing to Cyprians, South African expats as well as its exposure to the ‘gateway to the Middle East’. Ocean Basket provides its patrons with exceptional value, which has contributed greatly to the turnover, which extends above the average turnover of South African restaurants.

The Cyprus branches are currently operated by Basil Billis, a South African franchise owner of two of Cape Town’s largest restaurants. Billis permanently resides in Cyprus, along with his family and an extensive expat-community.

The launch of the Cyprian branches has contributed to international exposure and an increase in international interest, which has provided invaluable in further entrenching Ocean Basket as an international brand.
Ocean Basket is looking forward to expansion into the Dubai and Mauritian markets, in the near future.

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