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Ocean Basket African Duathlon - The Hottest Yet!

08 October 2010

South Africa’s hugest and most esteemed duathlon generated massive excitement in athletes and spectators over the first weekend in October. It was held at Baba’s Lodge in Bultfontein, Gauteng, in wonderful sunny weather. Saturday started off with the most gruelling event of all, for the tiny tots of six years and under. This ‘Brats Race’ included a tough and demanding 50-metre run followed by 300 metres of adrenaline-pumped cycling and a final exhausting 50-metre run that had all but the most sturdy tots gasping for a cooldrink and then begging for a serving of deelicious Ocean Basket fish ‘n chips.

Similar excitement and energetic commitment followed as the 7-to-14 years group launched themselves off the starting blocks for 1000 metres of flat-out running, 5000 metres of high-speed cycling, and another punishing 1000 metres of running.

Then came the Ocean Basket Mini Afriman, pushing those run/cycle/run distances up a notch to 5 km, 25 km, and 2,5 km respectively. A demanding event that, despite its nature, allowed many participants to have some fun (while most took an utterly serious approach).

Big day rolled around for the title event, the Ocean Basket Afriman Duathlon 2010. Not for couch potatoes, this competition! Most of us would blench at the thought of the 10 km run, and the idea of following it with 70 km (yes, seventy kilometres!) of pedal power would be something to digest while seated. And even after that, there is a run of 5 km, pushing the total distance to 85 km - no wonder the race started at 07:00!

Even the spectators worked up healthy appetites for Ocean Basket’s best, and a great weekend was had by all. Special thanks to all competitors, spectators and those dedicated people who officiated, monitored, assisted, and made sure the Ocean Basket Afriman Duathlon was not just a great success, but was actually possible!

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