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New Menu - A Tsunami of Tastes

27 October 2014
Prep Time: take 20 minutes to prepare
Cook Time: take an hour to cook
Serves: serves 1

At Ocean Basket we love making waves of happiness with our delicious seafood. And, that means we are always on the lookout for tasty new dishes to add to our world famous menu. For the last few months we’ve been building up a storm of new taste sensations to add to our traditional family favourites. Here’s a sneak peek to get those taste buds going.

Surfing the Starters

If you love sharing then you’ll love our new starters, the Garlic Bread has surfed back onto the menu, while we’ve added a Mediterranean favourite, the Meze Platter with mouth-watering  tzatziki, tarama, olives, feta, calamari, calamari heads, haloumi, cucumber and tomato. For our hip family members we can’t wait to show you our newest invention – The Prawn Skewer – 6 steamed prawns with cucumber and tongue ripplingly good 1000 island sauce.

Sailing the Salads

If you are looking to trim those sails and keep it lite, then we have the very thing for you – The Grilled Calamari Salad has all the goodness of the sea, with all the best greens to keep things lean. For thosewho want to sail new culinary waters, there’s always the Seared Salmon or Seared Tuna Salads, both served with Ponzu sauce.

To the Mains

No seafood menu is really complete without a scrumptious Grilled Salmon, and ours is served with stir-fried veg. If you are serious about the environment, like we are, then we would like to introduce you to the OB Fish and Chips – Pangasius served with chips - delicious and SASSI approved. If you are willing to share, or if you love sushi so much you could burst, then we recommend the New Two Way Platter.

For the Children

Treat your children to a delicious range of new and improved menu items - we have Fancy Shakes and Fintastic Shakes to accompany their choice of yummy seafood. For the junior sushi lover we have the sushi platter, offering a tummy-filling range of mini-sushi pieces. For our adventurous little cousins there is the platter for one, and for the twins there is the platter for two. For youngsters who have their particular favourites we have the saucy fish bites, calamari or prawns, all served with chips. The new children’s dessert menu is also worth exploring, the most fun item being the Sea Biscuit, a tasty fish shaped biscuit accompanied by a bowl of icing, allowing our younger family members to decorate their dessert personally.

The new menu is now in store so come explore our creations and share our love of seafood.

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