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New Advertising Campaign Brings Sea Creatures To The City

10 August 2008

Ocean Basket, South Africa’s favourite fresh-seafood restaurant, has invested two million rand in an exciting new advertising campaign, which was launched on 23 July 2008.

Today, Ocean Basket is an international brand, with restaurants in the Middle East and, more recently, in Europe too. The new ad campaign reflects the global stature of Ocean Basket by setting them apart from other seafood restaurants.

The Ocean Basket promise expressed by the campaign is ‘For the freshest seafood, forget the sea.’ The creative execution of the promise shows a variety of sea creatures out of their normal environment and in or near Ocean Basket restaurants.

Brendan McGhee, from Ocean Basket, explains: ‘With stores across South Africa and increasingly in other nations too, Ocean Basket is famous for providing the most desirable seafood there is. So desirable, in fact, that everyone is flocking to our restaurants, including marine creatures that live on a diet of fresh seafood.’

‘With this concept in mind, our ad agency, Joe Public, developed and produced three television commercials. The commercials show seagulls, seals and penguins in places far away from the coast. The commercials are filmed through the perspective of tourists as they use their video cameras to capture the sights and sounds of South Africa. While filming, the tourists are amazed to discover sea creatures in an unlikely environment.’

‘The commercials conclude with the promise, “For the freshest seafood, forget the sea”, alluding to the fact that Ocean Basket offers seafood that’s fresher than you find in the sea.’

The commercials are currently being aired on various DSTV and SABC channels.

Joe Public has also developed point-of-purchase material based on the theme. For example, restaurants now have table talkers asking diners: ‘Please don’t feed the seagulls.’ There are posters too, reading ‘For the freshest fish, forget the sea. Get the irresistibly fresh seafood platter for two. onlee 149 bucks.’

The campaign continues Ocean Basket’s amusingly irreverent approach to advertising. The long-standing payoff line ‘Your sole provider’ remains as the tongue-in-cheek pun that sums up the Ocean Basket approach.

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