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Introducing “The Prawns”

30 June 2014

Meet “The Prawns”: Papa, Mama, Brada, Sista and Baba Prawn. Visit this page every week and download a new member of the family. Collect the family, cut them out and put them on your finger, they can travel with you wherever you go.


Meet Papa Prawn:
Papa Prawn is a coral programmer, he works very hard to make sure his family has everything they need. Every day he sets out to work at the Coral Reef Bank on Rocky Shore Street. He loves his family very much and when he gets home from work he watches the Seabed News before sitting down to dinner with the whole family. He is very proud of his children and very in love with Mama Prawn. His moustache is always long and curly and he has a big collection of ties.
Click Here to Download Papa Prawn



Meet Mama Prawn:
Mama Prawn is always on the go. She spends the day picking up The Prawn Children from school, doing the groceries and running her small underwater beauty salon at the Tidal Pool Mall. She always has a smile for everyone and likes to look beautiful, even if she’s just going to the shops. Mama Prawn loves her whole family, they are the centre of her ocean. Look how beautiful she looks with her pearls and matching pink lipstick and hand bag. 
Click Here to Download Mama Prawn



Meet Brada Prawn:
Brada Prawn is the eldest of The Prawn children. He loves to listen to Deep Sea Rock and his favourite band is the Red Hot Seaweeds. When Brada Prawn isn’t at school or listening to music, he’s out surfing on the reef with his friends. His favourite subjects at school are computers, music and languages, he wants to be an ocean famous film prawn, like his uncle Johnny “Star Fish” Deep. Brada Prawn loves his sister, brother and parents very much, even if he sometimes stays out a bit late surfing the reef, he’s always home in time for dinner.
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Meet Sista Prawn:
Sista Prawn is the apple of her parent’s eye. She’s super smart and wants to run her own Sea-cable software business. She’s always studying and when she’s not studying she likes to read books about ocean travel. She’s also an exceptional ballet dancer and she’s going to be dancing in the famous Seagull Lake Ballet at school. She’s very outgoing and isn’t worried about having braces on her teeth, because she knows that when the braces come off, her teeth are going to be beautiful and straight.
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Meet Baba:
Baba Prawn is the cutest little scampi around. He spends most of his days traveling around on Mama Prawns back, listening to the lady prawns talking at the beauty salon. When he’s at home Baba Prawn plays in his clamshell baby pen with his toy motor-pike and side-carp. All the family love him very much and he’s almost ready to start talking, but he still loves his blue dummy too much to take it out and say something.
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