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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Franchisee

23 April 2014

By Grace Harding, company leader at Ocean Basket

Good franchisees are essential if we want to keep the ethos of Ocean Basket consistent and more importantly, ensure repeat customers in our restaurants. It takes a very specific type of person to manage a franchise successfully and at Ocean Basket; we’ve learnt over the years what types of people these are and this is what Manny Nichas our head of new business looks for when he does his research. I thought I’d share a little of that knowledge with you today:

1. They need to be sociable

Although there are some exceptions, we find as a rule that outgoing individuals make excellent franchisees. As a franchised restaurant owner, you’re dealing with people all the time, so you need to enjoy that personal interaction. A person who hates dealing with staff or clients will have a tough time completing everyday tasks and probably won’t feel inspired by managing a franchise.

2. They need to be realistic

A restaurant takes hard work and discipline to make it successful – it’s not a quick fix for getting cash. You need to be in it for the long haul and the best franchisees will understand this.

3.       They need to be passionate

The best franchisees have the restaurant industry in their blood and are extremely passionate about what they do. Either they really enjoy seeing people have a good time, or they get a buzz out of overseeing the high-pressure kitchen environment.

Managing a restaurant also requires a lifestyle change, as you’re working long hours away from your family or friends. So only those who really love it will persist with what they do.

4.       They need to be self-starters who can work within boundaries

Good franchisees are self-starters but can also work within an established company structure. As the owner of a franchised restaurant you need to be able to use your initiative when it’s needed, but should also be able to take instructions from head office.

5.        They need a good business head on their shoulders

Over the years we’ve learnt that you don’t need to have worked in the restaurant trade to be a good franchisee. In fact, businessmen often make very good franchised restaurant owners because they understand about cash flow, profit and managing staff.

Although these five qualities can be found in many successful franchisees, there are exceptions to the rule. That’s why at Ocean Basket we have a very robust recruitment programme in place involving background checks, online assessments and multiple interviews. These are all designed to ensure that our franchisees are equipped with the necessary skills and attitudes to make their store a success.

Ultimately we want happy franchisees, happy employees but most of all, happy customers that return often for the simple and real, value-for-money experience they’ve come to expect from Ocean Basket.


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